Varicose Veins

Although technically from Bedfordshire, Varicose Veins were very much part of the early North Herts punk rock scene. Of course Phil Parfitt (monikered Henry Crank at the time) went on to form Architects of Disaster, Orange Disaster, before finally settling on the name Perfect Disaster. I am unsure of the others musical careers.

If anybody knows contact info for Phil Parfitt, I’d be very interested.

Geographical Problem

Just Because



~ by martincl on 22 November, 2010.

3 Responses to “Varicose Veins”

  1. Drummer Roger Simpson, AKA Stan Stump gave up his musical career following the demise of The Veins! At live gigs Phil would ask me to stop Roger drinking too much as his drumming just got faster and faster as the set went on. I never suceeded, most of his performances were definitly alcoholically enhanced and ridiculously frenetic. Not sure what happened to Phil. Remember them supporting Pyschadelic furs on one of their last gigs. Phil did the whole set with his flies cumpletely undone… Last heard that Phil was living in Paris I believe.
    Interesting stuff!

  2. Of course Phil released the underrated Oedipussy album Divan in 1995

  3. As Roony Rickshaw, supported Perfect Disaster once at Stevenage College, which was on the now Asda site. Great band, I remember then littering the stage with toys, a train, toy car, great stuff.

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