Statics – Electric City (cassette)

Statics at Luton Carnival

Lorraine Turvey of Statics

Dennis Daley kindly sent these 3 tracks to me. He wrote,

“Here three Statics songs from their first Cassette release – Electric City c 1980/81. It was recorded in the Crypt in Stevenage. Engineer was Dave. It had a fluorescent pink cover with the big Statics ‘S’ symbol on it. However my original copy is long lost. I don’t have the cover or the tape anymore, and the copies I’m sending are not the best quality – sorry. Maybe someone out there has a better copy.”

The Line-Up for this session was (99.9% sure about this):

Lorraine ‘Lol’ Turvey —————–Guitar/Keyboards/Vocals/Songwriter

Paul Mitchell—————————Lead Vocals

Eric Roberts————————— Lead Guitar

Simon Dunlop————————–Bass

Mark Cottrell—————————Saxophone

Dennis Daly—————————-Drums


Electric City

Night Movies

The Fool


~ by martincl on 3 December, 2010.

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