The Occasional Tables – Strings and Pulleys!

This tape was handed to me by my friend Jon Thurlow. I had never heard of The Occasional Tables before, but what a mighty recording it is. The band featured the late B.B. Floyd and Local musician/producer Lee Bates. Although recorded in 1991 still sounds fresh and exciting two decades later.

Jon says ” Occasional Tables are one of my favourite attic bands. BB Floyd formed Occasional Tables after leaving Chron Gen, and alongside Lee Bates, developed a strong creative song writing partnership. Floyd’s tense riffs and sideways lyrics counterbalanced Lee’s pop sensibilities perfectly and live, the band’s nailed down rhythm section set free Floyds whirring SG through its vintage VOX – The band were great and Floyd is nothing less than a metal sex god. RIP”

Windmills For Giants


Pussy Cat

Never in a thousand Years


Wishing Well

Spending Time

Conspicuous (Reprise)


~ by martincl on 26 March, 2011.

2 Responses to “The Occasional Tables – Strings and Pulleys!”

  1. Good work!!!!! I used to love this band – saw them around Hitchin a few times. Is it possible to download the MP3s from anywhere?

  2. I have a tape with three tracks from Floyd’s previous band, Flesh on Flesh. Wonderful stuff.

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