Statics – Electric City (cassette)

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Statics at Luton Carnival

Lorraine Turvey of Statics

Dennis Daley kindly sent these 3 tracks to me. He wrote,

“Here three Statics songs from their first Cassette release – Electric City c 1980/81. It was recorded in the Crypt in Stevenage. Engineer was Dave. It had a fluorescent pink cover with the big Statics ‘S’ symbol on it. However my original copy is long lost. I don’t have the cover or the tape anymore, and the copies I’m sending are not the best quality – sorry. Maybe someone out there has a better copy.”

The Line-Up for this session was (99.9% sure about this):

Lorraine ‘Lol’ Turvey —————–Guitar/Keyboards/Vocals/Songwriter

Paul Mitchell—————————Lead Vocals

Eric Roberts————————— Lead Guitar

Simon Dunlop————————–Bass

Mark Cottrell—————————Saxophone

Dennis Daly—————————-Drums


Electric City

Night Movies

The Fool


The Plugs – Crackin’ Up EP

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A slice (or three) of pop ska punk from Summer 1980 recorded at the infamous Crypt recording studio in Broadwater Stevenage. Again, I have no more information about this band other than what can be gleamed from the cover, but any band that name checks Tomorrow’s World can’t be bad……

Crackin’ Up

Watching The Box

Hard Work Never Hurt Nobody

Roony Rickshaw – Big Heart Small City

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Great synth pop with views of mid eighties Stevenage

[Thanks to Russ Cummings for posting this on Facebook]

13th Hour double A side single 1981

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Here is a excellent example of early eighties prog pop that I rediscovered in my singles box.
I don’t know much about this band (although I seem to recall the sax player was in Wasters at one time)


Inner Stu

Varicose Veins

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Although technically from Bedfordshire, Varicose Veins were very much part of the early North Herts punk rock scene. Of course Phil Parfitt (monikered Henry Crank at the time) went on to form Architects of Disaster, Orange Disaster, before finally settling on the name Perfect Disaster. I am unsure of the others musical careers.

If anybody knows contact info for Phil Parfitt, I’d be very interested.

Geographical Problem

Just Because


FL Moore Record Shop

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Bought many good records from these people, especially when they had a branch in Market Place Stevenage.

Paris In Pink

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Here is a local band from Stevenage that produced excellent demo tapes recorded in Lee Bates home using the classic TEAC portastudio. this is the opening track from Think Pink from 1984

Cover of cassette Think Pink

Kings Fall Down – Paris in Pink uploaded by by guttersnipe77